1. We are manufacturers and suppliers worldwide of Lightning Conrods, a high quality conrods made from 7075 T6 alloy available from stock to fit all popular British bikes suitable for road or race, used to win many Vintage and Classic Championships Throughout the world.
Available for the following bikes:

BSA B25, A7, A10 large and small journal, A50, A65, A75/ Rocket 3

Norton Dominator 88, 99, Atlas, Commando

Triumph T100 pre 54 small journal using Daytona B/E shells,

Triumph Daytona, 5TA, T100, T110, T120, T140, T150, T160

NRE 6inch centres, 6.5inch centres

Specials are also available to customer’s requirements

2. We are manufacturers and suppliers worldwide of High performance Crankcases for pre-unit Triumphs manufactured in LM25 TF aluminium strengthened around the main bearings, camshaft bushes and bottom of the barrel with  the 4 outer studs drilled and tapped 1.5 inches deep  to handle today’s performance road and racing engines, These cases are available with a variety of crankshaft assemblies and either Triumph or NRE top ends, The cases are supplied complete with cam bushes oil pick-up pipe idler pinion spindle and 4 outer studs with nuts.

3. We are manufacturers and suppliers worldwide of Alloy magneto drive pinions with correct pressure angle tooth form for post 1970 and NRE cam gears.

More products are being developed such as Alloy 9 stud Triumph barrels.

See our examples page for images of the high class engineering we offer.

About Thunder Engineering

Thunder Engineering has been established since 1992 and specialises in the supply of precision engineered components in a wide range of materials to a diverse range of industries using state of the art CAD/CAM and CNC machining facilities.


Precision component manufacture to include Prototypes and modification services.
Full CNC machining capabilities,3D CAD/CAM using One CNC Expert modelling facilities capable of accepting customer drawings/models in various formats including DXF and IGES.
Intricate machining of small and medium batches.
Short run specialists.
Conventional Milling, Turning, Drilling and Grinding.
Our customers include the Medical, Motor sport and food processing industries.

World Record

Congratulations to Alp Sungertekin for setting a new world record of 176.625 MPH on a normally aspirated 650CC pushrod Triumph at El-Mirage USA in November 2015 using Thunder Engineering manufactured Crankcases and Conrods.